Makeup Combo Offer Summer Vacation Wedding All Occasion Set Pack Of 15 Pcs

18 Color Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Nail Paint, Kajal, Compact, Lipstick & Silver Pouch

Waterproof, Long-lasting, 24-hour wear, Smooth texture Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula

Design No – 1

5PC Lipstick 1PC Kajal  5PC Nail Paint 1Pc Eyeliner 1PC Silver Pouch 1Pc Compact 1PC Eyeshadow

Design No – 2

1PC Eyeshadow, 4PC Lipstick, 1PC Eyeliner, 3Pc Lip-gloss, 1PC Kajal, 1Pc Silver  Pouch 1PC Compact

Lipstick Persimmon, Red, Watermelon Cranberry ,Violet Eyeliner:-Black

Beige Eyeshadow:-Multicolor, Lip-gloss:-Cherry, Strawberry

Eyeliner:-Black, Kajal


Estimated delivery date 2021/12/13


79 / 100

smudge-proof formula, waterproof

Beige Eyeshadow:-Multicolor, Lip-gloss:-Cherry, Strawberry

Additional information


Design No – 1-Set of 15, Design No – 2-Set of 13


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