• DESIGN: These Classy Copper Bottom Handi Are Is Only Attractive To Look But Also Has A Very Large Capacity. They Can Be Used Not Only To Cook Food, But At The Same Time Due To Their High Storage Space And Attractive Looks, You Can Use Them As Cookware As Well As  On Your Table Top.
  • MATERIAL: Copper Bottom. Premium Quality Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Deep Vessel /Handi / Cooking Pot For Kitchen. Export Quality Stainless Steel Making The Utensil Highly Durable, Long Lasting & Rust Free. Giving It A Long Live, Keeping It Beautiful For Years /Generations. Less Stain Steel Cookware.
  • https://filipshoping.com/product/chakla-belan-chapati-maker-roti-roller/


Estimated delivery date 2021/12/13


64 / 100

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