• Copper Made of 100% pure copper metal, the glass measures 4.2″ inches in height and 3″ inches in diameter.
  • Copper object, drinking water from this handcrafted Copper Glass reap many benefits.
  • Copper using handmade tools, this exquisite copper glass has been crafted by skilled artisans from India..
  • Copper supports and empowers a landless Hindu and Muslim artisan community and preserves the rare craft of hand hammering metal in India.
  • https://filipshoping.com/product/brass-kuber-diya-bell-kumkum-thali/


Estimated delivery date 2021/12/13


60 / 100

Copper handmade glasses for water and other pack of 2 and copper is also good for health https://filipshoping.com/product/brass-kuber-diya-bell-kumkum-thali/


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